Key facts about Puerto Rico, Spanish and English are the official languages but most of them speak English. It is a US commonwealth and US money is the official currency, and you do not need a pass port. The only subtropical rain forest El Yuque a place so beautiful that its a must see while you visit. More than seventy percent of the United States rum comes from Puerto Rico. You can also take a fun tour of the rum distilleries.
im703pr-senic-03The worlds largest radio telescope is located in Puerto Rico and spans almost 20 acres. Its the only telescope in the world that can tell us if an asteroid may collide with earth and it’s very accurate. It was also responsible for the first asteroids images in history. The longest Zip line called the Toro Verde is one of the longest lines on Earth. You can harness yourself and soar through the air across 4,745 feet. It now features the longest zip line in the universe called the El Monstruo with a 2.5 cable you can reach speeds up to 93 miles per hour. Puerto Rico also has the largest zika virus infestation. In the Caribbean, they work closely with the dept of health and CDC to make sure you have a safe and wonderful vacation.

While you are there you can learn about outstanding natural and cultural richness. They strive to make sure that the tourism facilities have a positive impact to the locals this is why the all star Island was the first in the Caribbean that devolved its own Green Certification Program that meets sustainable natural and cultural conservation principles. The facilities and activities offers you a experience like no other with a sense of bonding and contact with our world class resources. The Guanica State Forest is very unique. Located in the southwest corner of the the island. The biosphere Reserve has been designated to conserve natural processes and resources in the forest. Management of this forest can benefit the community. The ecotourism based project will generate income and help reinforcement of the community focused on ecotourism which will help people work with challenges and contribute to the economic development.  An enclosed water body, Jobes Bay, is located in Aguirre along the coast of Salinas and Guayama. It presents a diversity of land ecosystems and marine life,here we can find birds,diverse fish species dolphins,crustaceans and some endangered species such as manatees.

d5b4bd520709efac08c59604e41dae7cPuerto Rico is Spanish for “Rich Port” and is the largest insular territory of the USA and is located in the Caribbean Sea. The main Island population is approximately 3.4 million. It was originally populated by aboriginal people, but was claimed by Christopher Columbus in 1493 for the Kingdom of Spain. Then later it endured invasions from the french British and Dutch. In 1898,  after the Spanish American war, the United States annexed it . Puerto Ricans are natural born citizens of the United States, however they do not have the right to vote for the president of the United States. However, they have the approval from Congress to elect a governor.

Ancient history known today as Puerto Rico is not really known. They, however, found Aztec artifacts that show early people did live there. In 1990, archaeologists found a man and named him the Puerto Ferro man, which was dated back to 2000 BC. The Ortoiroid were a culture that arrived on the island somewhere between 430 and 250 BC. Between 7th and 11th centuries, the Tanio culture became dominated on the island.

At the time that Columbus arrived, it was estimated that 30,000 to 60.000 Tanios inhabited the island. They called it Boriken, which means “The great-land of the noble Lord.” They lived in villages and subsided by fishing and looking for fruit. When Columbus arrived on his second voyage in 1493, he brought with him a letter from King Ferdin and that was empowered by a papal bull that gave him authorization to take any course necessary for expansion. He later served as the Governor and eventually traders and visitors came to the island and got its name Puerto Rico. San Juan soon became the name of the main shipping port. At the start of the 16th century, Spanish people came to make colony’s on the island, despite laws and other decrees. The Taino Indians were forced into labor in the early years. The population suffered from epidemics of infectious diseases.

San Juan is special because it is one of only a few cosmopolitan cities on earth can boast tropical beachfront. San Juan, Puerto Rico is quite a popular, very affordable cruise destination, and virtually every cruise line has an inexpensive package that comes with a stop within the stunning city.

A billboard announces office space and parking for sale in San Juan, August 31, 2013. REUTERS/Alvin Baez

For example, no decision was made whether Puerto Rico will grow its healthcare marijuana crop within the nation or import the drug. There’s an expert class in Puerto Rico. It, however, is not eligible to file for bankruptcy. Puerto Rico doesn’t have the aptitude repay the $70 billion debt which was generated by past administrations as well as their creditors.

This island chain is created up of over 700 individual islands. Stingray city is most suitable for divers because it is not very deep. Its brief formed a blunt argument the island isn’t now and never has enjoyed true sovereignty. An integrated portion of visiting any city on earth is eating out. If there’s a pig on a metallic tube within the window, odds are good you’ve found a lechonera. The ceviches at Aguaviva’s are so creative that it’s the individual best reason that you will also go to the place..

Being a real tourist hot spot, the city likewise has a lot to provide with regards to accommodation. On the opposite hand, the central area is well-known for its coffee. The service is great and also the ambiance formal. A lot of your own restaurants are available close to the shopping center.

With this in addition, there are opportunities for zip line adventures. There are a number of options in terms of boarding and lodging. Revivalism is very common.

They have numerous seafood choices, which truly is an enormous variation from the other meatier choices that almost all restaurants often offer you. Of course each one of the food is totally sinful here. The info will not identify individual users.

The island is currently determined by manufacturing and solutions. Tourism is the most crucial service industry. The governor was warning since this past year the island general public debt of over $70 billion is not payable. He had been warning since last year that the island’s overall public debt of more than $70-billion is not payable.

Its debt levels have gotten so large the government cannot pay its debts and supply basic government services. The economy is now stable because of tourism, also it looks as though it will continue to strengthen as more jobs are made.

Puerto Rico, with no doubt has many unique characteristics that distinguish our culture from just about any other. There’s an expert class in Puerto Rico. There’s also a neighborhood national guard. Criminality is a significant problem. Lots of people now eat a huge breakfast, a fast-food lunch, along with a huge dinner.

lead_960Cultural identity is normally defined regarding nationality as an alternative to ethnicity. Many individuals see the changes during the last century as modernization as well as the introduction of the corporate capitalist culture which has spread around the globe without erasing cultural differences. Others blame modernization along with the alleged deterioration of conventional values. The estate of someone who dies with no will is divided equally among every one of the legal heirs. There isn’t any customary” law.


It’s a land full of culture and diversity! The nation is home to individuals from various ancestries like from the Mayan Indians, Garifuna communities, etc.. Furthermore, Clemente wanted to help children, particularly those living in poverty, to gain access to take part in sports. He additionally played key roles within the smooth operation of government following the Cuban revolution got over.

Being the 2nd oldest city in the USA, San Juan has also been titled among the world’s busiest cruise-ship ports. For a number of reasons, the island isn’t a Olympic paradise. United States currency is really all that you’re going to need since it’s the official currency of the island.

Throughout that time, I didn’t know nothing about politics. Exactly I don’t don’t forget the year, naturally, but I know that happened. To me, that was the largest motivation to begin the project.

Sugar used to be the largest product produced within the nation. This gets rid of the unnecessary inconvenience of converting currency throughout their visit. Or if you really need to use it for various cars it really is easy to prepare and might be transported effortlessly.

download (16)Artist Dan Flavin is recognized for his incredible light installations. So naturally, artists Jennifer Allora and also Guillermo Calzadilla are sticking his art where the sunlight don’t shine. Specifically, a cave in Puerto Rico.

While putting a modern-day minimalist masterpiece in a cave could appear nuts– and, admitedly Flavin’s estate is much less than gladed with the circumstance– Allora and Calzadilla typically aren’t crazy. The artistic duo represented the United States at the Venice Biennale, and are utilized to believing way outside the box, or in this instance, the fine art gallery.

The item was commissioned by the New York-based Dia Art Foundation and also Para La Naturaleza, a charitable conservation company based in Puerto Rico, and has been appropriately labelled Puerto Rican Light (Cueva Vientos).

For the exhibition, Allora and Calzadilla are transforming Flavin’s art, Puerto Rican Light (to Jeanie Blake) (1965), which is made out of pink, yellow and red fluorescent light bulbs, into a site-specific installment inside a natural sedimentary rock cave near the southerly coast of Puerto Rico. Photovoltaic panel at the mouth of the cavern will certainly keep Flavin’s art glowing for the duration of the show.

Allora and Calzadilla’s installation opens up on September 23 and will come to the general public for the following 2 years, shutting on September 23, 2017. On-line reservations are offered right here. To see the work in situ, be prepared to hoof it, though: The trek to the cave takes about two hours.

If you can’t make it to a Puerto Rican cave any time soon– or preserve an ardent anti-hiking position– there are simpler places to see Flavin’s work, including a new installment that is because of open at Dia: Beacon in New york city’s Hudson Valley in October.