Las Cascadas Waterpark

place-2015-06-4-3-lascascadaswaterpark0418caadb3655a4a9c6e9e2e1fb0307cThough Las Cascadas Waterpark will likely never make any top 10 list, I must say we did have a good time. The park is not big at all, but I guess it doesn’t need to be with the ocean being so close by!

Naturally, we timed our trip at a great time (after most children were back in school in mid August). We were lucky in that maybe fifty people total were at the park. There were no lines to wait in so we were able to ride each ride as many times as we wanted. Of course most people are unable to go during this time that we did, so they should generally expect there to be long lines during the heat of the summer.

When we went in August , the rides included 4 tube slides that you ride on a mat down a twisty path. If you go face-first it is truly quick; sitting up can make you go slower. We did each of these a couple of times.

Two fast slides were there– these are the ones where you lay flat on your back and quickly slide feet-first down something that looks like over-sized gutters and end up with a huge wedgie. It was fun, but one time down was enough for me!

There was also a large circle were you slowly float down a lazy river a  in a tube.

The Rio Loco was an insane river tube ride. This was my absolute favorite ride.

They also had a  wave swimming pool available that included a kiddie location for the children. There was another” diversion” swimming pool, that included some obstacle-course activities you can try.

Knowing you would be visiting there for a while, they have several food stands, tables and chairs throughout the park.  They also play music to help keep the atmosphere fun.  You can pay to have a locker for the day to keep your valuables protected. There are a lot of life guards always present and maintenance workers that are constantly keeping the place clean and safe.

We surprisingly enjoyed our day at the water park.  Understand, though, that if you go when there is a crowd, you will have some long lines to content with.  It is a great option as a place to go when the ocean is too rough to play in or you just want to slide on some water slides.