Key Facts about Puerto Rico

Key facts about Puerto Rico, Spanish and English are the official languages but most of them speak English. It is a US commonwealth and US money is the official currency, and you do not need a pass port. The only subtropical rain forest El Yuque a place so beautiful that its a must see while you visit. More than seventy percent of the United States rum comes from Puerto Rico. You can also take a fun tour of the rum distilleries.
im703pr-senic-03The worlds largest radio telescope is located in Puerto Rico and spans almost 20 acres. Its the only telescope in the world that can tell us if an asteroid may collide with earth and it’s very accurate. It was also responsible for the first asteroids images in history. The longest Zip line called the Toro Verde is one of the longest lines on Earth. You can harness yourself and soar through the air across 4,745 feet. It now features the longest zip line in the universe called the El Monstruo with a 2.5 cable you can reach speeds up to 93 miles per hour. Puerto Rico also has the largest zika virus infestation. In the Caribbean, they work closely with the dept of health and CDC to make sure you have a safe and wonderful vacation.

While you are there you can learn about outstanding natural and cultural richness. They strive to make sure that the tourism facilities have a positive impact to the locals this is why the all star Island was the first in the Caribbean that devolved its own Green Certification Program that meets sustainable natural and cultural conservation principles. The facilities and activities offers you a experience like no other with a sense of bonding and contact with our world class resources. The Guanica State Forest is very unique. Located in the southwest corner of the the island. The biosphere Reserve has been designated to conserve natural processes and resources in the forest. Management of this forest can benefit the community. The ecotourism based project will generate income and help reinforcement of the community focused on ecotourism which will help people work with challenges and contribute to the economic development.  An enclosed water body, Jobes Bay, is located in Aguirre along the coast of Salinas and Guayama. It presents a diversity of land ecosystems and marine life,here we can find birds,diverse fish species dolphins,crustaceans and some endangered species such as manatees.