Great Places to Visit

The Arecibo Observatory, a 45-minute drive southeast of Villas del Mar Hau, resembles a mad scientist’s jungle lair. The establishment’s radio telescope (which scientists make use of to spot signals 10 billion light-years away) is the globe’s largest, and its dish antenna spreads across 20 acres. At the site visitors’ center, interactive exhibits make an earnest attempt at discussing the inexplicable. However what we truly wish to know is: If E.T. phones planet, will the Arecibo take a message?

rio-camuy-cave-park-photo_988052-770tallAt Río Camuy Cave Park, a half-hour drive southwest from Arecibo, site visitors venture by trolley through the forest and also down a 200-foot sinkhole to Cueva Clara de Empalme. From there they set out on foot to explore one of the largest cavern systems in the world, with huge stalagmites, cathedral-sized ceiling elevations, and also a path in which one cannot so much see the third-largest underground river as feel and hear it.

Both of these places are great for families to visit on their trip to Puerto Rico.