Case Grande

Casa Grande’s locale is optimal for an outing. Within an hour’s drive northwest, an experience in itself along the slim, gusty roadways of the Cordillera Central, you’ll find the Arecibo Observatory and Río Camuy Cavern Park, as well as the Centro Ceremonial Indígena de Caguana.

Taino ball game & stone beltConsidered the Caribbean’s most considerable Indian ceremonial site, the park’s batey ball courts are described by headstone-like pillars dating from A.D. 1200. You should give the game a shot. Batey resembles soccer, but with policies that seem like a riddle: the round could never ever touch the ground, yet no hands or feet are allowed. Tip: heads, knees, elbows, and bellies are up for grabs.

Make a game out of detecting the sculptures of the explorer that pop up in virtually every town on the island. The bronze sculpture anchoring the plaza in Dorado, a beautiful community near the Hyatt hotels, is the fairest of them all– literally: it honors, along with Columbus, credited as the very first European to “uncover” Puerto Rico in 1493, the Africans that got there as servants in the holds of ships as well as labored in mines and fields, and the Taìnos, a people believed to have actually cleared up here concerning a.d. 600. The last group designed a global language, and the hammock and also the maracas.